Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hahvahd = Wicked Cool

Hey, if any of y'all are in Cambridge, check out Harvard Bookstore because they're printing a flash fiction anthology featuring yours truly.

I haven't received my copy yet, as they just announced the winners of the contest earlier this week.

I assume they're printing a few to put on the shelves or on display, but they're publishing it on an in-store bookmaking machine which they call Paige M. Gutenborg. Those Harvard kids are so clever.

I don't know any of the other writers, but here's the list of selected contributors:

Microchondria (the title):

Hobie Anthony
Anar Badalov
Shira Li Bartov
Nancy Brewka-Clark
Edmond Caldwell
Mike Campbell
Caryn Carpenter
Paula Carter
Ryan W. Cohen
Catherine Flora Con
Jennifer Carol Cook
Jane Dykema
Katherine Farrior
Nicole Fernandez
Leslie Fincke
Alex Freeman
Alayne Freidel-Sobel
Marc Goldfinger
Eiriki Gumeny
Liana Hershey-Nexon
Liana Jahan Imam
Michelle Labbe
George Lausch
Mia Lazarewicz
Melina C. McTigue
Yvonne Ng
Lauren Inness Norton
James Scott
Amy Stewart
Hillary Stringer
Cody Walker
Claudia Ward-de Leon
Adam Waterreus
Ben White
Laura Whitney
Melanie Yarbrough

Anyhow, if you see it, drop a line with your impressions!

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